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Hellbent & Hammered - Death Rattle Review

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 7:25 PM

Relentlessly energetic, angry groove metal 

This week, I've been given the pleasure to review the 4 track EP album - Death Rattle which has made my week pretty fucking awesome. Through the last decade, London's infamous heavy groove metal band Hellbent & Hammered have been smashing those small corner venues apart and shattering faces at Festivals such as Hammerfest and Damnation, performing among the likes of Godsmack, Anvil, Thunderhorse, Stoneghost, Raging Speedhorn and more. Surviving the shake ups and internal rearrangements South African born Vocalist Ryan Le Roux has held his shit together and is closer to that dream of Rocking his FAT BALLS all over the European Continent with his boys.

Ryan Le Roux - Vocals
Guillaume "Junior" La Gouch - Guitar
Simon Bullock - Drums
Jon Casey - Bass

Being fans of SNOT, Pantera, Motorhead, Lamb of God, Hatebreed and Mastadon, one who might not have heard about these guys might ask "So what more can H&H bring to the table?" The beer guzzling gents from Hellbent & Hammered know how to fuel an already aggressive fire, packing a bluesy punch so deep it'll have you headbanging in no time. Junior's fast and furious sensory onslaught of sound is thrilling and Ryan's passionate, albeit angry as hell vocals are awesome. Timely releasing the 4 track EP Death Rattle in December, the guys are planning to depart from the smoggy streets of London for the fairer climate of South Africa in March '15 where they will be touring with SA Giants, (and ex H&H guitarist Jovan) Juggernaught. We also hear that soon after their homebound holiday Hellbent & Hammered will be searching for locations to shoot a new video. For which song for we don't know yet but we'll definitely be waiting. 

"A fast and furious sensory onslaught of guitars and passionate, angry as hell vocals."

Death Rattle - I'm with Ryan, this is my favorite song and it doesn’t waste any time getting deep, down and dirty. It actually reminds me a lot of Goddam Electric by the great Pantera alongside the differences and I have to give props to the guitarist Junior as his solo is exquisitely impressive. The lyrics are relentlessly energetic, the bass is angry and that's exactly how I like it. (Feeling Pumped)

Hung, Drawn & Quartered - I enjoyed the groovy bounce between the riffs of this song and I must say that this too, felt extremely familiar. I really like the bluesy H&H addition to the Dimebag style fingering of the axe. Fast paced and intricate. This is a song that will pick you up and make you feel like you've been thrown at a wall

All Consuming - This is not my favorite song but it's not bad. The riffs are unexpectedly imaginative and overall feels a little heavier than the previous songs and that will solely be down to the vicious attack on the bass which Dr. Jon doesn't step down from. The lyrics are roughly the same along the lines as the other songs, about hatred, greed and being let down but it's enjoyable

Built that way - I love this song. Its angry yet stubborn and will reinforce you through any doubt and weakness you might feel. It's the type of song that I'll play to get that boost of ego. It doesn't make me feel as angry as the other songs. Dare I say that it's actually quite proactive and anything that makes you feel stronger inside is a good thing. Junior is epic as always. He's a pure delight on the guitar

If a hard and heavy release of tension is what you are looking for then this EP is for you.

Words: † MetalMinxtress † Emma McMahon

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